Italian Studies Faculty

Christine Ristaino

Christine Ristaino

Senior Lecturer
French and Italian Studies

Callaway Building
Department of French and Italian
Emory University
North Callaway Center 416;
Atlanta, GA 30322


Christine Ristaino, Senior Lecturer, (Ph.D. in Italian Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2004): Italian education; Italian cultural studies; language pedagogy; the marvelous Baroque; the 'Querelle des Femmes'; anthropological studies of food.  Co-author of Lucrezia Marinella and the Querelle des Femmes in Seventeenth-Century Italy (Farleigh Dickinson Press, 2008).  Co-author of the first edition of the Italian Virtual Class, volumes 1 & 2 (Emory University Office of Technology Transfer, 2006, 2007), (Academic Exchange article).  Author of entries, book reviews, book chapters, and articles in Teaching Italian and Italian Culture, Encyclopedia of Italian Literary Studies, Annali d'italianistica, Academic Exchange and Emory Report.  Author of The Little Girl Is Me, on identity and violence (Emory Report article). Director of the Scholarship and Service Program (Emory Report Article) and co-director of the Vision in Action Program (Emory Report Article), at Emory University.

Please contact Christine Ristaino if you are interested in learning more about the following:  the Emory Domain Italian Studies project, the Department of French and Italian newsletter, interdisciplinary noodle project comparing the cultures of Italy and China through food, student mentoring at beginning Italian level, a Vision in Action project the Scholarship and Service Program.