Italian Studies Faculty

Angela Porcarelli

French and Italian Studies

Callaway Building
Department of French and Italian
Emory University
North Callaway Center N115 
Atlanta, GA 30322

Angela Porcarelli, Lecturer (Ph.D. in Italian Literature, Indiana University, 2012): Prof. Porcarelli's primary research focuses on theories and literary expressions of comedy in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature. She is interested, in particular, on the genre of the beffa and its tradition established in Boccaccio's Decameron as well as its transition to different literary genres. Prof Porcarelli's research also focuses on Italian cinema. She has worked extensively on Pier Paolo Pasolini and his idea of realismo (Angela Porcarelli “Il realismo di Pier Paolo Pasolini: una dichiarazione d’amore”. ​Pier Paolo Pasolini: In Living Memory​. Edited by Ben Lawton and Maura Bergonzoni. Washington, D.C.: New Academia Publishing. 2008, pp. 131-­155). She has recently published a book chapter on a film by Marco Tullio Giordana (Angela Porcarelli, “Realismo e Meta-Rappresentazione in Pasolini: un Delitto Italiano” in Il cinema di Marco Tullio Giordana:Interventi Critici a cura di Federica Colleoni, Elena Dalla Torre, Inge Lanslots. Manzina (Roma): Vecchiarelli, 2014.) Currently she is working on Decameron, VII, 4 for the collection Lecturae Boccacci (Angela Porcarelli, Dec. VII.4. in Elsa Filosa. ed. The Decameron: Seventh Day in Perspective. Vol. 7 of the Lectura Boccaccii.  Toronto: University of Toronto.) Her long-term project is a manuscript on Antonio Manetti's La Novella del Grasso legnaiulo, which she analyzes in the context of Plato's definition of comedy where pain is seen as the fundamental cause of laughter. 

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