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Summer 2017 Information

The Italian Studies Program offers students a unique and very intensive authentic immersion into Italian culture, literature, art, history, religion, and current events. This program teaches students to respectfully and authentically explore the multiple paths of communication with "others" ultimately giving them a far better sense of self and of purpose. This summer program and all the courses are open to all Emory students and students from other colleges. There are no pre-requisites and no language requirements.

  • This is a once in a lifetime, transformative, opportunity for students of any accredited university or college, offering a very thorough overview of Italy as a country, and of Italy as the cradle of the Western civilization and of the Humanities.
  • This program offers an interdisciplinary study of Italy through the ages, incorporating the perspectives of Italian cultural interdisciplinary studies, and medical humanities with the special participation of faculty from the Emory School of Ethics, School of Medicine & Center for Disease Control & Prevention. 

Students of all academic disciplines investigate notions of compassion and charity as civic and religious virtues illustrated through Italian history, art, literature, social institutions, current events, and daily life.

  • They learn to critically analyze works of art and of literature as cultural commentaries of those times and explore the reflections of these past eras in institutions and customs of today.
  • They explore the historical points of tension and transition throughout 3000 years of continuously developing cultural history and learn to effectively and eloquently articulate their developing thoughts in essays and oral presentations.

LuccaFaculty Contact

Dr. Judy Raggi Moore
Emory University
415N Callaway Center


For further information regarding Italian Studies programs in Italy, please visit the OISP site: The Office of International and Summer Programs is dedicated to fulfilling Emory College's commitment to internationalization through study abroad. In collaboration with Emory faculty, OISP develops, promotes, and administers programming for undergraduate students that encourages both intellectual and personal growth through challenging scholarship and cultural immersion. Its services support students and faculty before, during, and after the study abroad experience in order to ensure that study abroad is an essential part of an Emory College education.