Study in Bologna

poseidonBeginning the summer of 2019, Emory’s Italian Studies Program will be offering a language-intensive summer program for 25 students in Bologna with two Italian Studies professors. As a student you will be able to complete your language requirement while abroad or continue your Italian language studies. Excursions, dinners, and cultural immersion are just some of the opportunities you will experience.

Bologna is in northern Italy in the Po River Valley, housed between Florence and Venice. This extraordinary medieval city is known for its terra-cotta buildings as well as its porticos and cuisine. Bologna began as a pre-Roman Etruscan town and many of the museums and buildings in the town’s historic center are vestiges of this heritage.

Classes are located in the center of Bologna, which ranks as one of the best cities in Italy as far as quality of life is concerned. Bologna is not a tourist center.  For this reason, the location is the perfect place for you to experience authentic Italian life and have quality experiences with the inhabitants of Bologna, including the many university students who live in this city.

Established in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest in the western world as well as one of the largest in Italy. Bologna is the seventh most populous city in Italy and a third of its population is composed of students.


Faculty Contact                                     

Dr. Simona Muratore
Emory University
412N Callaway Center